exhibiting INVERTO

We are open to approaches about exhibiting INVERTO

The work consists of

  • 24 black and white unframed photographic prints 110cm high x 65 cm wide &
  • a moving image work (2 minute loop) that can be displayed as a screen based work or a data-projection.


More information:

  • Artists’ statement HERE
  • media coverage HERE

CONTACT: Alison Bennett   abennett@deakin.edu.au   www.alisonbennett.net

book: 50 pages, 30x30cm

The Guardian: The best Australian photos of 2015

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portraiture prize at the Centre for Contemporary Photography Salon

A print of Inverto #19 won the portraiture prize at the Centre for Contemporary Photography Salon exhibition in Melbourne.

Exhibition runs til 19 December 2015


The Wrong‬ New Digital Art Biennale

Inverto included in The Wrong‬ New Digital Art Biennale 2015 – Homeostatis Lab

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 11.43.53 pm

Gendered Perspectives

Inverto included in ‘Gendered Perspectives: an investigation into contemporary identities’, curated by Jess T. Dugan, Harman Centre Gallery, Bradley University, Chicago USA, 19 Nov – 10 Dec 2015

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some international coverage of ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’

Viral media response following ABC TV Australian Story ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’
broadcast 10 Aug 2015 http://goo.gl/X4zZFc

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Australian news coverage

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Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.49.00 pm Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.51.28 pm

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ABC News Online

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