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The Guardian: The best Australian photos of 2015

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some international coverage of ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’

Viral media response following ABC TV Australian Story ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’
broadcast 10 Aug 2015

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Australian news coverage

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ABC News Online

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Gay News Network

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ABC TV Australian Story

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‘From Daddy’s Tummy’ tells the story of AJ and his much-loved family
and showcases a stunning photographic record of his physical transition by Melbourne artist Alison Bennett.

View the program online here

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Bennett, A., (2015) Inverto. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, No.7

Delighted that has been included in the latest issue of Ada, published by the super cool Fembot Collective

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‘Can science remove gender boundaries completely?’ Dazed & Confused 2015

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read the full article here

FILE Electronic Language International Festival, June – July 2015 in Brazil

Inverto in the FILE Electronic Language International Festival, June – July 2015 in Brazil

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interview on +mar

+mar: Do you have any work on show at the moment?

AB:I currently have a project installed in the studio space at the wonderful Testing Grounds til Sunday 8 February. Inverto was collaboration with a friend as they undertook the process of aligning their physical presence with their gender identity. It comprises of 24 photographs taken monthly over two years. Each photograph has the same pose and lighting. Whilst the changes are gradual, we see an individual go through profound physical changes. People sometimes ask if the images are digitally manipulated but it’s straight photography. I am immensely proud to have been a part of this work. Inverto will continue to have an online presence at WWW.INVERTO.ME

PONY, Gay News Network

Cook, R 2015, ‘The marriage of gender and technology’, PONY, Gay News Network 15 January 2015

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twitter: MCV

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Twitter: The Image

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GLTI.CH – Facebook

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Twitter: Photomediations

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