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The Guardian: The best Australian photos of 2015

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some international coverage of ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’

Viral media response following ABC TV Australian Story ‘From Daddy’s Tummy’
broadcast 10 Aug 2015

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Australian news coverage

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ABC News Online

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Gay News Network

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ABC TV Australian Story

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‘From Daddy’s Tummy’ tells the story of AJ and his much-loved family
and showcases a stunning photographic record of his physical transition by Melbourne artist Alison Bennett.

View the program online here

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Bennett, A., (2015) Inverto. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, No.7

Delighted that has been included in the latest issue of Ada, published by the super cool Fembot Collective

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‘Can science remove gender boundaries completely?’ Dazed & Confused 2015

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read the full article here