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Inverto @ Midsumma Testing Grounds 29 Jan – 8 Feb 2015

Inverto screened on the big wall @ Midsumma’s Testing Grounds 9-11pm Thu 29 Jan, installation continued in the Testing Grounds Studio til 8 Feb 2015


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inverto-tg_MG_230320150130-inverto-tg_MG_2324Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.32.32 pm

Inverto was also part of the Forever Now project beamed into space 18 January at MONA FOMA

Forever Now launch at MONA FOMA 18 January 2015

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PONY, Gay News Network

Cook, R 2015, ‘The marriage of gender and technology’, PONY, Gay News Network 15 January 2015

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